AMBER Archive (2006)

Subject: AMBER: Probelm with running Amber 9 parallelly

From: Rafi Ahmad (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 06:59:56 CST

Hi Ross,

Now I have run the NAS Benckmark for different number of cpus.
out of the 184 runs that I have done its only two that doesn't succeed.

They fail due to a wrong input error, and claims that the problem size is too
small. its the lu benchmark CLASS S with 8 and 16 cpus that gives this error.

>From this I will conclude that there is no obvious problems with the hardware
or the mpi-software stack.

Also, there are a lot of other application running smoothly on the system.
eg. dalton, ADF, MITgcm and roms.


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