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From: Scott Brozell (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 19:37:19 CDT


On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Glass, Kevin A wrote:

> The Amber 8 User's Guide say that if a "maskstr" contains spaces or
> special characters, then it should be protected by single or double
> quotes (p 244). If I'm using an Amber negation operator '!' with a
> c-shell based system, the '!' symbol should be interpreted as a
> "history" command regardless of the use of single or double quotes.

Yes, that is correct. man blurb:
       History substitutions begin with the character `!'. They may begin
       anywhere in the input stream, but they do not nest. The `!' may be
       preceded by a `\' to prevent its special meaning; for convenience, a
       `!' is passed unchanged when it is followed by a blank, tab, newline,
       `=' or `('. History substitutions also occur when an input line begins
       with `^'. This special abbreviation will be described later. The
       characters used to signal history substitution (`!' and `^') can be
       changed by setting the histchars shell variable. Any input line which

> Should I use a '\' in front of the '!' to protected from the shell?

Yes \! works:
tcsh> echo '~!@#$%'
@: Event not found.
tcsh> echo '~\!@#$%'

The tcsh man page suggests other options: especially useful would be !(
For example, ontop of p244:
'[@C= & !(@CA,C)]'


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