AMBER Archive (2006)

Subject: AMBER: charmm force field in amber9

From: soo (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 23:23:26 CDT

In amber9 I see a file named '0README' under the directory
$AMBERHOME/dat/amberff_in_charmm/ .
It says
"These are files prepared by Tom Cheatham, that will be useful for CHARMM
users who want to run the Cornell et al. Amber force field inside the CHARMM
program. See ../charmmff_in_amber for the reverse, to run CHARMM and
similar force fields in the Amber program."

But problem is I don't see directory "../charmmff_in_amber" !
This is file/folder list in directory
protege3[dat] 32> ls
0README contrib/ parm99_lib/ PROTON_INFO.oldnames
amberff_in_charmm/ leap/ pixmap/ solvents/
amberff_in_xplor/ map.Brook-AMBER PROTON_INFO XaLeap_wcl
antechamber/ map.DG-AMBER PROTON_INFO.Brook
protege3[dat] 33>

Is the folder "charmmff_in_amber" deleted accidently or is it in some
other place ? Any workaround to use charmm force field in amber9 ?

Thank you.

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