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Subject: AMBER: MM-PBSA and first solvation shell

From: Andrea Bortolato (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 04:42:39 CDT

Dear all,

In the nice article "Free Energy Calculation for
Theophylline Binding to an RNA Aptamer:
Comparison of MM-PBSA and Thermodynamic
Integration Methods" H Gouda, I D Kuntz, D A
Case, P A Kollmann. Biopolymers. 2003 Jan;68
(1):16-34. is discussed the possibility that the
lack of quantitative agreement in the MM-PBSA
free energy estimation can result from a
inadequate treatment of the

I was wondering if exist new approaches to try
to solve this issue.

Thank you very much
Andrea Bortolato

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