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Subject: Re: AMBER: some questions and problems about antechamber and divcon

From: Martin Peters (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 08:07:03 CDT


Your DivCon calculation didn't converge. DivCon
didn't produce any charges. Make sure you are using
the right net charge, etc. Or increase MAXIT.


Martin B. Peters
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On Jun 2, 2006, at 3:11 AM, Zhihong Yu wrote:

> Deal all,
> I'm using antechamber to prepare parameters for a ligand, I've
> tried following two different approaches to get the "prepc" file,
> two prepc files are in attachment.
> 1: perform single point energy calculation using gaussian03 with
> the modified input file (delete "opt") resulted from antechamber,
> then perform "antechamber -fi gout -fo prepc -i cie.out -o
> cie_gau.prepc -c resp -j 4 -at gaff -rn CIE -s 2 " to produce prepc
> 2: directly perform "antechamber -fi mol2 -fo prepc -i cie.mol2 -o
> cie_bcc.prepc -c bcc -at gaff -j 5 -rn CIE -s 2 " to produce prepc
> when I checked the two prepc files, I found that the Cartesian
> coordinates in "cie_bcc.prepc" is the same as in cie.mol2, while
> Cartesian coordinates in "cie_gau.prepc" is not the same as in
> cie.mol2, it looks like that these coordinates were taken from the
> "Atomic Center" in "Electrostatic Properties Using The SCF Density"
> part in the gaussian output file. Here are my questions:
> 1:Are these difference in Cartesian coordinates normal and
> acceptable ? and these difference would affect the final parameters
> for MD or not ?
> 2:I found out that no Cartesian coordinate is in prepi files, then
> what's difference exist in prepi and prepc ? which is better or
> both are equal ?
> 3:Charges from gaussian and bcc calculation are different more or
> less, which is more preferalbe as your experience ?
> BTW, when I use bcc mothed in Amber9, calcultaions exit with the
> message "Error: cannot run "$AMBERHOME/exe/divcon" of bcc() in
> charge.c properly, exit", and the divcon.out file is also in
> attachment for your consideration. But these calculations go well
> and everything is ok in Amber8, so I wondered whether the "divcon
> 2005" (in amber9) itself has some problem, or the "" file
> generated from antechamber is just suitable for "divcon 99a" (in
> amber8) while not suitable for "divcon 2005"?
   CYCLE = 0 TIME = 3.786 ENERGY = NaN
DELTAE = 0.000000 DELTAX = 0.000000

           (MAXIT=100) HAS BEEN REACHED

> any advice will be appreciated! thanks in advance!
> Zhihong Yu
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