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Subject: Re: AMBER: Zoom

From: Laurent Chiche (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 10:40:42 CST

humm, not exactly "easy-to-follow". You have to discover much by
yourself... there are some scripts available that you can start from
Regarding making the movie from a loaded molecule I used scripts
such as the following one to rotate and move:
NB the "cmd.mset("1 x360")" makes a movie by copying the molecule
360 times. this is not needed if you loaded a trajectory.
The rotations and moves are then applied to frames via the mdo commands
Once the movie is OK, save it with mpng and get a set of png files.
then make a mpg or avi file from the png files
hope this helps
install and run pymol
load any molecule
modify the script and name it, e.g.
within pymol, type run
from glob import glob
from pymol import cmd
cmd.mset("1 x360")
for i in range (1,120):
         cmd.mdo("%d"%i, "turn z, 1.0; move z, 0.2")
for i in range (121,240):
         cmd.mdo("%d"%i, "turn y, 1.0; move z, -0.2")
for i in range (241,360):
         cmd.mdo("%d"%i, "turn x, 1.0")

Angelo wrote:
> you know if there is some easy-to-follow online tutorial for
> that?
> Laurent Chiche wrote:
>> Pymol can do this quite well
>> laurent
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