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Subject: AMBER: Amber 8 under Solaris 9 compilation failed

From: Dror (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 01:12:19 CST

Sorry tthe my last message was cut here my all mesaage:

I am trying to install AMBER 8 on SPARC Solaris 9 system.

The compilation is failed when it arrives to the sander part.

 I have already tried to switch between compilers (g77 ,g95 ,f90 of SUN
Studio 11)

with not match success.

> the last error I get before compilation failed is:

> "Assertion failed: at_handle_table[at_idx].tag==VAR_TAG, file

>../srcfw/FWcvrt.c, line 4017

> f90: Fatal error in f90comp: Abort (core dumped)

> make[1]:*** [lmod.o] Error 1

> make[1]: Leaving directory `/disk1/amber8/src/sander'

> make: *** [serial] Error 2"

I have investigated little more and have some cunclusions:

1. The FLAGS in config file not recognized the same way in different
compilers (such as -free ..)

2. when compilation gets into src/sander directory it founds #include
files which have same name as in /usr/lib and compiler try to include them
from system location instead of

    look for them in src/sander directory (memory.h, assert.h random.h etc.)

It doesn't look proper way to change every *.f file in this directory to
redirect the include file.

I would be grateful to have a proper solution to end the compilation

Thank you very much,


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