AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: AMBER: missing XaLeap_wcl file

From: Nitin Bhardwaj (
Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 12:22:04 CST

    I am trying to access xleap (amber v7) from a remote machine. For that
When I say xaLeap it says:

Wcl Error: WcWidgetCreation(xaLeap) - Failed
Problem: No children could be created from Xrm database.
 Possible: Resource file not found
 user environment:
 XENVIRONMENT is not set,
 XAPPLRESDIR not terminated with '/'
 user environment or installation:
 $XENVIRONMENT/XaLeap does not exist.
 Possible: top level widget in resource file not named 'xaLeap'
 Error: Shell widget xaLeap has zero width and/or height

So, following an earlier post on this server, i tried to set the
Xenvironment. but for that I need the XaLeap_wcl file which is missing in
the dir amber7/dat. I can not re-install amber. So, can someone pls lend
me their XaLeap_wcl file from the dir $amberhome/dat. Also, will it work
after making appropriate changes?

thanks a lot in advance,
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