AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: AMBER: About the parameter names

From: Ilyas Yildirim (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 15:20:31 CST

Dear Amber Developers,

I have a question about the naming of the parameters. Is there any
hierarchy for the naming of the parameter names (commands)? For instance
in SANDER, the flag name NTX is for reading the initial coordinates. Is
this NTX flag chosen such that NT comes from iNiTial and X comes from
x-y-z space? I would like to get an understanding on how they are chosen,
because memorizing the flag names are not that easy. If there will be some
kind of a logic behind the naming (which I am sure it is), it will be
useful to remember them. Can someone redirect me to a reference on this
subject? Thanks in advance,

  Ilyas Yildirim
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