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Subject: RE: AMBER: Problem with installing Amber8: Where are the MK libraries?

From: Ross Walker (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 02:26:32 CDT

Dear Atro

> > it is 8.0.046) from
> I have a valid download account for edutainment use to the Intel site,
> but the only ones available are 8.0.034 (which has bugs resulting in
> sander freezing) and 8.1.something (which has the bug that manifests
> itself as __gxx_personality errors when linking bondtype).
> The 8.0.046
> release is not available. Any workarounds?

Where are you looking for these files? The registration and download page on
the intel site does not give you the latest version of the compilers. In
order to obtain these you need to login to (You
should have got a login when you registered for the free academic version of
ifort). If not just go back to the download page and register again under
slightly different name...

I know this is a real pain but this is how Intel chooses to do it

Then you should be able to login to the premier site and select version
8.0.046 for download. I have just tried it with my login. Once logged in on
the left hand side under premier features click "File Downloads" - In the
Product box select the Intel Fortran Compiler, Linux, LtdSup -> Display File
List. The 8.0.046 compiler package for IA32 is the 2nd to last link on the
2nd page. Try this link (it may
work, although you will probably have to enter a premier username and

If you still have problems and can't find the compiler then let me know and
I'll try and locate a website where it can be 'downloaded' without the

All the best

|\oss Walker

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