AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: AMBER: (no subject)

From: Andrew Box (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 22:29:34 CDT

I an trying to install Amber 7.0 in to Redhat Enterprise 3. When i run the
test program (amber7/test) i get the following error, even if i try to
install the text only version of leap as well.

What i want to know is, does Amber 7 run in Redhat Enterprise 3 or should i
go back to an earlier version of Redhat?

1) make test.leap
cd leap; ./Run.tleap
Error: ./tleap -> ../../exe/teLeap does not exist
make: *** [test.leap] Error 1

2) make test.antechamber
cd antechamber/tp; ./

Running: /usr/local/amber7/exe/ ANTECHAMBER_MUL.MOP
/usr/local/amber7/exe/ line 11: /usr/local/bin/mopac: No such file
or directory
Unable to find mopac charges in ANTECHAMBER_MUL.OUT
Program error
make: *** [test.antechamber] Error 1

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