AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: Re: AMBER: sander in parallel, amber8

From: Stef (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 13:11:09 CDT

Le ven, 25/06/2004 à 09:49 +0100, spookie a écrit :
> dear all,
> as Karl pointed out, i tried adding the
> hostnames of all my nodes in the file by name
> machines.LINUX in the directory /usr/local/mpich/share
> and have also made sure it is available to all the
> nodes. even then, i am not able to find sander running
> on my client nodes irrespective of the number of nodes
> i specify. but it is running on the node i'm firing
> the job from, irrespective of the node i am firing it
> from..where could i have gone wrong !!
> am in dire need of help !
> regards,

What protocol do you use for mpi sending ?
It suppose it is rsh, so you need on your /home/<user>/ a .rhosts file
containting the hosts names of the nodes (and I suppose your /home/
<user>/ is mounted via nfs in each node).

Something like :



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