AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: AMBER: amber7, namelist, xlf and osx

From: Knut Langsetmo (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:47:26 CDT

i have recently compiled amber7 on am mac g5 running osx 10.3 with the
xlf and xlc compilers. the install/compile script did not get through
all the programs,
but died at quasih. for the programs that compile, i tried to run the
test scripts. the
first problem is regarding namelist:

1525-090 The NAMELIST READ statement cannot be completed because an
incorrect character was encountered in a NAMELIST group name or item
name. The program will recover by discontinuing further processing of
the READ statement.
Program error
make: *** [test.gibbs] Error 1

if i edit the input files, to change the "&end" statements to "/", i
get rid of the namelist error,
but the program still dies, with a less helpfull error:

make test.sander
cd dmp; ./Run.dmp
   Program error
make: *** [test.sander] Error 1

any suggestions would be appreciated,

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