SEMRC 2009


To sign up for a poster, select the poster session checkbox on the registration page and enter your title in the provided text box.

Poster Exhibition Guidelines: Each exhibitor will be given a 36" wide x 42" tall space on which to mount their poster. Your poster should fit within this space and be readable from a distance of ~3 feet.

Poster Abstract Guidelines:
- Use the downloadable template
- One page only
- PDF or DOC documents only
- Poster abstract submission deadline is October 1st

Submit poster abstract (one page only) by e-mail to:

E-mail: SEMRC2009@Vanderbilt.Edu)

Or upload the PDF file here (one page only, max: 1GB)

Choose a file to upload:

Short Talks

If you would like to have your abstract considered for an oral presentation, please make sure to check the box on the registration page or send an e-mail to SEMRC2009@Vanderbilt.Edu
Abstract submission deadline to be considered for an oral presentation is September 1st