Printing on transparency film

Important guidelines for printing on transparency film with laser printers
(specifically the HP Color LaserJet 4500)

  • Do not attempt to locate your own transparency film for use in the laser printers unless you are absolutely certain that you know what you are doing. Loading the wrong film will damage the printer.

  • Approved laser transparency film is stocked in tray2 of the color laser printer in 832 MRB1. Reserve stock is located in the cabinet underneath. When tray2 is empty, refill it from the reserve stock. If you open the last box, send email to or call the system administrator so that more can be ordered. It will only take a second, and you will save a lot of trouble by doing so!

  • You must only use transparency film designed for use in laser printers. Color Inkjet and Copier films are not designed to withstand the high temperatures encountered inside a laser printer. It will melt when it hits the fuser and the result will be a sticky mess inside the printer. We know this from experience, so please don't test it! Be certain about the film you use in the printer.

    Contact if there is any question.

  • Guidelines for printing to the transparency tray are outlined on a seperate web page.