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Tue Jul 07, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesRyoma "Puck" Ohi, Cell & Developmental Biology, presents "Mechanisms of Mitotic Spindle Assembly in Animal Cells."1220 MRBIII
Wed Jul 08, 20151:00pm2:00pmDissertation DefenseKate Mittendorf, of the Sanders Lab, presents "The Interactions of Two Disease-Linked Membrane Proteins with Their Bilayer Milieu."206 PRB
Tue Jul 21, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesMarilyn Holt, of the Chazin Lab, presents "Cracking the Case of a Molecular Calculator: Primase and DNA Charge Transport."1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 04, 201512:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesAnne Kenworthy, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 18, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesSophia Gayek, of the R. Ohi Lab, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 25, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar Series - RCR Special SessionLarry Zwiebel, Biological Sciences, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Mon Sep 21, 20155:00pm5:00pmKarpay Award Application DeadlineApplication deadline for Karpay Award. Find more information here.Submit via email
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