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Tue Oct 21, 201412:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesKendra Vann, of the Osheroff Lab, presents "Metabolites of olive leaf plants as covalent topoisomerase II poisons."1220 MRBIII
Tue Oct 28, 201412:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar Series - RCR Special SessionSteven Combs, Ph.D., of the Meiler Lab presents "Health and life expectancy disparity in rich and poor nations."1220 MRBIII
Tue Nov 04, 201412:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesBorden Lacy, Ph.D., presents "Structural analysis of the Clostridium difficile Toxins."1220 MRBIII
Tue Nov 18, 201412:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesCatherine Deatherage, of the Sanders Lab, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Dec 02, 201412:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesShane Hutson, Ph.D., presents "From non-specific environmental stresses to adverse developmental outcomes: the role of cellular mechanics."1220 MRBIII
Tue Dec 09, 201412:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesJoe Alvin, of the Lacy Lab, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Jan 06, 201512:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesChuck Sanders, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Jan 20, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesThe 2015 Karpay Award winner presents the seminar.1220 MRBIII
Tue Jan 27, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar Series - RCR Special SessionTBD1220 MRBIII
Tue Feb 10, 201512:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesNick Reiter, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Feb 24, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesTBD1220 MRBIII
Tue Mar 03, 201512:30pm1:20pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesClare McCabe, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Mar 17, 201512:30pm1:20pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesTBD1220 MRBIII
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