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Tue Jul 22, 201412:20pm1:30pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesYuanli Song, Ph.D., of the Sanders Lab, presents "Discovery of Compounds that Interrupt the Binding of Cholesterol and the Amyloid Precursor Protein of Alzheimer's Disease."1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 12, 201412:20pm1:30pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesKevin Schey, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 19, 201412:20pm1:30pmMBTP/CSB Seminar Series - RCR Special SessionTeru Nakagawa, Ph.D., and Darwin Fu, of the Meiler Lab, present the RCR Special Session.1220 MRBIII
Tue Aug 26, 201412:20pm1:30pmMBTP/CSB Seminar SeriesSanjay Mishra, of the Mchaourab Lab, presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Sep 02, 201412:30pm1:30pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesDylan Burnette, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Sep 30, 201412:30pm1:30pmMTBP/CSB Seminar Series - RCR Special SessionBen Spiller, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Oct 07, 201412:30pm1:30pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesManuel Ascano, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Nov 04, 201412:30pm1:30pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesBorden Lacy, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
Tue Dec 02, 201412:30pm1:30pmMTBP/CSB Seminar SeriesShane Hutson, Ph.D., presents "TBD."1220 MRBIII
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