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Subject: Re: [AMBER] Missing X11 Libraries

From: FyD (
Date: Fri Oct 09 2009 - 16:06:20 CDT


Finally, if now you read the R.E.D.-III.3 manual @
You will get in section 5 "Benchmark & checking procedure", the
plateforms we have tested to get the the RESP program from the
AmberTools working with R.E.D.

regards, Francois

> I just wanted to confirm what Francois stated. If you follow that guide you
> should get a working xleap binary on your CYGWIN installation. You most
> definitely do not have the X11 binaries and runtime libraries and developer
> tools installed correctly if a call to "" does not initiate an
> xterm session for you. I just went through the procedure on one of my Vista
> 64 machine, and xleap runs just fine. I see no reason that it will not do
> exactly the same on Vista 32 machine.
> Good Luck,
> On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 1:35 PM, FyD <> wrote:
>> Quoting case <>:
>> typing start*x* gives the same error that command not found
>>> You need to try to get help from the cygwin mailing list, or from Google.
>>> Googling for "cygwin x11" gives a first hit that looks very helpful.
>>> As several people have said, you need to be able to run things like xterm
>>> before trying to tackle xleap.
>>> Unfortunately, I have moved on from Windows, and no longer have such a
>>> machine
>>> around to test things. But I remember that the cygwin installer has a
>>> whole
>>> category of X11 offerings -- have you run setup.exe and tried to install
>>> the X-window stuff?
>> and what about installing all Cygwin instead of a selection of libraries ?
>> - head ache to do a selection of X libraries in Cygwin...
>> Wallace,
>> - You start setup.exe, you select all & you re-install _all_.
>> - You follow the manual:
>> See INSTALL AMBERTOOLS (for RESP in our case)
>> - You create the required links underlined by Thomas
>> - You configure/compile.
>> - You should get the bineries you want.
>> regards, Francois

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