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Subject: [AMBER] Re: Fw: Help required in Amber10 Installation

From: Sudeep Narayan Banerjee (
Date: Wed Oct 07 2009 - 10:48:02 CDT

Dear Sir,

    With due respect I would like state that I have downloaded Amber10 from
the URL: by issuing the login-id
<> and also Amber Tools. After extracting the same under
the directory amber10, I defined the "AMBERHOME environment variable" in "vi
.bashrc" file. Then configured the code as per the commands stated
"./configure_at gcc" in the help file. Compiled successfuly the AmberTool
codes issuing the command "make -f Makefile_at". But at the time of running
the program " cd $AMBERHOME/test; make -f Makefile_at test" it throws an
error stating that the "AMBERHOME environment variable" is not correctly
defined. I defined it in the /etc/bashrc file but it gave same error.
The shell I am using is "bash" shell. And Operating System I am using is
Fedora 5.0, Fedora 8.0 and Fedora 10.0.
I would realy require your guidelines in this matter so that we may start with
the software at the earliest.

Best Regards,
Sudeep Narayan Banerjee
Junior Computer Engineer
S N Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences
Block JD, Sector III
Saltlake, Kolkata 700098

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Subject: Fw: Amber10 download instructions

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> Re: Downloading Amber 10
> Thanks for your order of Amber10. You may now download the
> distribution here:
> web site:
> login:
> password: mgn109e
> The file will be available for two weeks. (Let us know if you need
> more time.)
> The resulting file, "Amber10.tar.bz2" is about 90 Mbytes in size,
> and must be uncompressed with bunzip2, and extracted with "tar".
> On most systems, the command 'tar xvfj Amber10.tar.bz2' should work.
> [Specifically, the size of the file should be 88214112 bytes, and the
> md5sum should be 1bafdb051058da759fe7f8727008c401.]
> Please remember that you also need to download and extract
> AmberTools. Both Amber10 and AmberTools should be extracted into
> the same directory tree, whose head will be 'amber10'.
> If you have problems with the download itself, please send email to
> If you questions or problems
> about installing or running the codes, please subscribe to the amber
> mailing list, as described at
> --
> David A. Case
> For the Amber Development Team
> email:
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