AMBER Archive (2009)

Subject: [AMBER] antechamber

From: R. A. (
Date: Wed Jul 01 2009 - 04:17:51 CDT

Dear Users

I used pymol for creating my pdb structure and send it to antechamber for
creating prepin file.
Later I chacked out this file for any correction of atom type regarding
to gaff force field.
after running parmchk I got the error of ATTN, need revision. Also I
tried to load prepin in
xleap but I got the entry of type Dummy, atom H10 and also atom C44 not
I checked everything related to this errors from archive and tried to fix
the things based on
suggestions and comments but the problem still continues. it seems my
structure is big for this
calculation as I found from the remarks?!. Any suggestions or comments
would be grateful. Thank you so
much in advance.


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