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Subject: RE: [AMBER] reclaiming space from amber10 installation

From: Ross Walker (
Date: Mon Jun 22 2009 - 20:26:36 CDT

Hi Alan,

> So I have amber10/ambertools running fine, all tested and ok. I didn't
> get pmemd because I couldn't see how to compile it for mac intel with
> gfortran, but I am not concern about it.
> What I would to know is which folders under amber10/ I can safely
> delete, because, e.g, test/ takes more than 700Mb I can clearly see I
> don't need it and I can always get it from the ambe10 package anyway.
> Is there others folders I can delete safely? Many thanks in advance.

Step 1 would be to

cd $AMBERHOME/test/
make clean
cd $AMBERHOME/src/
make clean

This would be a start to reclaiming you space. If you want more you can delete the test directory. You can delete quite a bit of the src directory. In theory you should be able to delete it all except that mmpbsa for some reason uses files inside the src directory at runtime. In principal, except for mmpbsa, you can delete everything except the exe (bin) directory and dat.

All the best

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