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Subject: R: [AMBER] Amber10 Parallel Installation

Date: Sat Jun 20 2009 - 15:14:38 CDT

Hi in my opinion installing parallel code using cywin is a bad idea ! You will have low performances
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Da: Hopkins, Robert
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Amber Users,
I successfully installed and tested serial Amber 10 on my Windows machine (running Vista Home Premium and Cygwin). However, my lack of experience with Amber has presented me with several (naive) questions on which I would greatly appreciate any help available:
      1.) Is it reasonable to try to install Amber 10 in parallel in a Cygwin environment on a machine with dual processors?
      2.) If anyone has done this, could you offer any suggestions as to how one might install LAM under Cygwin -- (I've spent several frustrating weeks trying to make this happen). Evidently, LAM requires CygIPC to be installed and running -- however, first finding this software and then trying to get it installed and running properly has been a nightmare! It was stated by its author in 2004 that: "CygIPC has been deprecated". At this point I have not been able to install LAM properly -- there are several warnings that SYSV semaphore and shared memory support could not be detected on my system during the LAM install.
If there's anyone with experience on this question, it would be a great relief to hear from you about your experiences! Thanks.
Bob Hopkins
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