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Subject: Re: [AMBER] calculation of Pi-Pi interaction energy

From: Jiri Sponer (
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 07:38:49 CDT

Pi-Pi forces are quite well described by the force field.
In contrast, semiempirical methods and most of the DFTs fail
notoriously for dispersion.
Base stacking is the best reproduced force in DNA or RNA simulations
with AMBER.

Few refs:
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For amino acids is the same, reasonable vdW Lennard Jones term + ESP electrostatics
are OK for so called "pi-pi" stacking, unless you have 20 or more atoms in the
fused rings, this leads to some orbiral pipi effects, but
is not the case of biopolymers.

Best wishes Jiri

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> Dear Aneesh
> in my opinion using MM is not the best choice to extimate the p-p
> interaction, i would use something Quantum.
> In Amber there are some semiempirical methods, maybe you can use one of
> these, but preliminary you need to evaluate the best methods for p-p
> interaction.
> To extimate the p-p interactions maybe you can do something like alanine
> scanning, you can do this using MM (or also QM, in this case you can use
> simple models of the binding site).
> Good luck
> Jacopo
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