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Subject: [AMBER] Quality/size of HDD for Amber

From: Francesco Pietra (
Date: Fri Mar 06 2009 - 03:26:03 CST

One of the two fast-seeking-time, 150 GB, HDD of my raid 1 was
steadily loosing sectors until it was hanging the system. To be
changed. At the time the disks were installed (year 2006) 150 GB was
the maximum for sata fast-seeking-time. With 50 GB for linux and the
applications, a bare 100 GB space are left for the data. With
intermediate 2-electron integral files I already encountered lack of
space, while I plan do use gamess or nwchem code linked to Amber once
that will become available.

But even for classical MD, where I am mostly involved, I guess that
investing money in a new fast-seeking-time disk for only 150 GB, as a
raid 1 replacement, is not for what I really need. I was also
wondering whether a 300 GB fast-seeking-time HDD is worth the money
for UMA-type motherboard with 4 dual-opteron cpus and DDR1 400MHz. I
suspect that a normal SATA disk of 500 GB with 32 MB cache and < 8
millisecond random seek time would afford much the same performance as
a fast-seeking disk with 4 millisecond random seek time but much less

Much grateful for either supporting my plan in replacing the disks, or
pointing out my error.


francesco pietra

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