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Subject: Re:Re: [AMBER] Re: Antechamber

From: null (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2009 - 08:00:07 CST

Who are you ?I can't understand you. I need help of professions about amber, my problem haven't been solved ,if you can't help me,please not reply.

在2009-02-27,FyD <> 写道:

Dear kureeckal ramesh,

> 1) Is there any alternative to Gaussian package, which can generate
> files (Please refer the note below) as recommended in AMBER10
> tutorial ? (Name of the package which can be downloaded free for
> academic purpose will be fine)..

You can use R.E.D. @
that interfaces GAMESS-US or

R.E.D. Server will provide you
access to the last version of Gaussian/GAMESS-US/PC-GAMESS...

regards, Francois

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